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Stem Cells and Cancer
We study stem cells and cancer using genetically engineered mice and organoids with a specific interest in Wnt signaling   
Wnt signaling plays key roles in governing various cellular processes during embryogenesis, organogenesis, and tissue homeostasis. We are exploring how Wnt signaling controls tissue stem and progenitor cells and orchestrates tissue regeneration. Aberrant activation of Wnt signaling contributes to cancer. Given the crucial roles of Wnt signaling in tissue homeostasis and regeneration, direct targeting of Wnt signaling as a cancer treatment is challenging. To overcome this, we are in the study of new molecules, cancer-specific regulators of Wnt signaling, in pre-clinical model systems. 

Targeting Wnt Signaling for Gastrointestinal Cancer Therapy: Present and Evolving Views (12/2020)

Welcome, BongJun! (10/2020)

Wnt blockers to ameliorate pain induced by chemotherapy (10/2020; accepted) 

R01 renewed (8/2020)

Welcome, Shengzhe! (7/2020)

2nd CPRIT Investigator-Initiated Research Award (2/2020)

As a tenure-track Assistant Professor, Youn-Sang will run his own lab at Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea (starting 3/2020)

Welcome, Yuanjian! (1/2020)

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