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Epredia™ Excelsior AS™ tissue processor.jpg
Epredia™ SlideMate™ AS Slide Printer.jpg
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Epredia™ SlideMate™ AS Slide Printer.jpg
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Epredia™ Excelsior AS™ tissue processor 

The Epredia Excelsior AS tissue processor provides exceptional tissue quality with minimal user interaction. It performs the superb tissue quality and proven reliability you expect, plus a safer, more efficient working environment.


Tissue-Tek® TEC™ tissue embedder

The Tissue-Tek TEC™ tissue embedder has been the Histology laboratory’s preferred choice in embedding for decades. It is designed to be the ideal tissue embedder for laboratories of any size, the robust and ergonomic modular system offers a streamlined, adjustable workflow that is both comfortable and simple-to-use for any user.

CryoStar™ NX50 Cryosta

The CryoStar™ NX50 Cryostat is designed completely to deliver optimal sectioning quality, unmatched ergonomics, and safety in an energy efficient package. With the NX series, users can deliver high quality results comfortably, safely, and efficiently.

Epredia™ SlideMate™ AS Slide Printer

Accurate, efficient labeling workflows are achievable with the SlideMate AS on-demand slide printer.


Zeiss Microscope Axio Imager.A2

More flexibility for more performance: from simple observation and image acquisition to highly complex analyses there are six different stands available, which allow you to adapt the system exactly to your individual application by providing many different system components. 


Leica Microtome

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