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We seek highly motivated and career-oriented individuals to join our dynamic and collaborative research team. The research environment at MD Anderson Cancer Center offers exceptional support and numerous opportunities, particularly for those interested in the fields of cancer biology, cell biology, genetics, gene regulation, and translational collaborations.



One open postdoctoral position is available in cancer biology, cell biology, gene regulation, cell signaling, and genetics.


Program Description

The Park laboratory is dedicated to investigating the mechanisms of tumorigenesis in endoderm-derived cancers and tissue regeneration, with a specific focus on WNT signaling. Our research employs a comprehensive approach that includes the use of genetically engineered organoids, mouse models, patient samples, and single-cell transcriptomics. Candidates should have expertise in mammalian cell culture, molecular biology, biochemistry, or cell biology. Training in bioinformatics related to single-cell RNA-seq will be provided.


Learning Objectives

Trainees will have the opportunity to develop expertise in cutting-edge techniques of single-cell biology, genetically engineered organoids, and animal models. They will collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of researchers and expand their knowledge in the fields of cancer biology, genetics, and cell biology. By the end of the fellowship, trainees will have acquired comprehensive skills in experimental design, data analysis, and scientific communication, positioning them for a successful transition into an independent research career.


Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must hold a PhD (or PhD candidates) or an equivalent doctorate and have a strong interest in pursuing a full-time laboratory-based research or scholarship position under the supervision of a faculty mentor. This opportunity is designed to prepare individuals for an independent career as a researcher or academic.


To apply, please email a brief CV to


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