Jae-Il Park, PhD

jaeil at mdanderson dot org


2016-current Associate Professor, Experimental Radiation Oncology, MD Anderson Cancer Center

2010-2016 Assistant Professor, Experimental Radiation Oncology, MD Anderson

2006-2010 Postdoc, Stanford University School of Medicine (Dr. Steven E. Artandi)

2002-2006 PhD, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center GSBS (Dr. Pierre D. McCrea)

2001 MS, Biology, Korea University, Seoul, Korea (Dr. Sung-Gil Chi)

1999 BS, Biology, Korea University, Seoul, Korea


Sohee Jun, MS   

sjun at mdanderson dot org

Sohee has established various genetically engineered mouse models including knock-in, knock-out, and transgenic mice from the conventional embryonic stem cell targeting. Zodiac: Taurus. Research area: genetically engineered mouse models, embryonic stem cells

Jie Zhang
Jie Zhang, MD   

JZhang27 at mdanderson dot org

Jie graduated from medical college in China. He got the master's degree in human anatomy and histo-embryology. He has been a Lecturer in human anatomy and histology for ten years. In addition to teaching, he studied on tumor immunology. After that, he joined MD Anderson Cancer Center as a histologist in the Department of Pathology and Experimental Radiation Oncology. Research area: histopathology.

2019_01_02 Yuanjian Huang.jpg
YuanJian Huang, MD

yhuang14 at mdanderson dot org

Yuanjian received his M.D. degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) in 2016. He is now working as a colorectal surgeon in The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University. He has been working on establishing a new drug-delivery system to target colorectal cancer and elucidating the mechanisms of gene regulation by ncRNAs in the Wnt/β-catenin signaling for colorectal cancer. At MD Anderson Cancer, he begins to develop his expertise in nuclear actin dynamics and tumorigenesis by developing genetically engineered mouse models. His goal is to actualize himself, trying to make some contributions to erasing cancer. Hobby: Basketball, DOTA2, movies. Zodiac: Sagittarius

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Shengzhe Zhang, PhD
szhang23  at mdanderson dot org

I received my PhD degree in Biology from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2018. During PhD training, I studied the correlation between deubiquitinase USP13 and MCL1 stability and sensitivity to BH3 mimetic inhibitors in lung cancer and ovarian cancer. My current work focuses on TMEM9 (Transmembrane Protein 9) regulation in tumorigenesis and cancer progression. In my free time I enjoy movies, music and spending time with my family.

Bongjun Kim.jpg
BongJun Kim, PhD
bkim6  at mdanderson dot org

I received my PhD degree from the School of Dentistry, Seoul National University in Korea. During PhD training, I studied the mechanisms of osteocyte

differentiation. Based on those, I also worked on developing therapeutic strategies for bone diseases such as osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and bone metastasis. At MD Anderson, I will explore the roles of PAF in lung regeneration and cancer. I like to take a walk with music. Also, watching movies is one of my favorites.

Kyung-Pil Ko, PhD
KKo1 at mdanderson dot org

I earned my PhD from Korea University in 2020. My previous research topic was to understand the biology of genetic and epigenetic modifications of tumor suppressor genes in cancer. The current research interest is to establish a stepwise model and model systems of esophageal cancer using genetically engineered organoids and mouse models. Hobby: Surfing, Muay Thai, and Cooking.

Lana's photo for Lab website.JPG
Gengyi (Lana) Zou, MD, PhD
GZou at mdanderson dot org

I received my Ph.D. in Oncology at Nankai University in 2020. The Ph.D. research project is to develop novel therapeutics of angiogenesis and metastasis in triple-negative breast cancer, employing comprehensive approaches including library screening, in vivo tumor assessment, molecular biology, and proteomics. Meanwhile, I got my M.D. degree while studying in Nankai medical school (2009-2016), majoring in Clinical Medicine, followed by a three-year clinical internship. At MD Anderson, I am studying the biology of mucinous gastric cancer using the genetically engineered mouse and organoids models. I enjoy listening to music (pop, classical, and rock). My favorite singer is Taylor Swift. Also, I would like to record songs with the app. Zodiac: Capricorn.


Moon Jong Kim, PhD, Assistant Professor, Gachon University/Lee Gil Ya Cancer and Diabetes Institute

Tianyu Wang

Youn-Sang Jung, PhD, Assistant Professor, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea

Christopher Cervantes, PhD student (UT-Southwestern)

Biyun Zheng, MD, PhD (Fujian Medical University Union Hospital)

Hanna Suh, DVM, PhD (Korea Institute of Toxicology)

Alaa Mohamed Tamim (MD Anderson)

Sung-Ho Lee, PhD (Baylor College of Medicine)

Isuru Somawardana (Rice University)

Joan Shang (MD/PhD, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai)

Esther M. Lien

Brittney Lozzi 

Christopher Ng (UTMB)

Youngsun Oh

Amrish Sharma

Sunhye Lee, PhD (USC)

Jung-In Yang, MD (Albert Einstein)

Andrea M. Schneider (Penn State)

Han-Cheon Kim, PhD (Methodist)

Moonsup Lee, PhD (NIH-NCI)

Xin Wang, PhD (MD Anderson)

In Young Park, PhD (Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine)

Hae-Yun Jung, PhD (Assistant Professor, Cha University)


Visiting Faculty

Seung-Hyo Lee, PhD, Associate Professor (KAIST)

Bum-Joon Park, PhD, Professor (Busan University)