YuanJian Huang, MD

yhuang14 at mdanderson dot org

Yuanjian received his M.D. degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) in 2016. He is now working as a colorectal surgeon in The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University. He has been working on establishing a new drug-delivery system to target colorectal cancer and elucidating the mechanisms of gene regulation by ncRNAs in the Wnt/β-catenin signaling for colorectal cancer. At MD Anderson Cancer, he begins to develop his expertise in nuclear actin dynamics and tumorigenesis by developing genetically engineered mouse models. His goal is to actualize himself, trying to make some contributions to erasing cancer. Hobby: Basketball, DOTA2, movies. Zodiac: Sagittarius

Tianyu Wang   

twang7 at mdanderson dot org

Tianyu is an undergraduate student from Nankai University, Tianjin, China. During his sophomore and junior years, Tianyu's research focused on Plant Physiology (the Secondary metabolites of Spirodela ) and Biochemistry (protein structure). Later, Tianyu chose a Ph.D. program in Cancer Biology. His current research is to establish model systems recapitulating human esophageal cancer using organoids.  Hobby: Basketball, Weiqi. Zodiac: Leo.

Sohee Jun, MS   

sjun at mdanderson dot org

Sohee has established various genetically engineered mouse models including knock-in, knock-out, and transgenic mice from the conventional embryonic stem cell targeting. Zodiac: Taurus. Research area: genetically engineered mouse models, embryonic stem cells

Youn-Sang Jung, PhD
AACR Debbie's Dream Foundation fellow 
Anne Eastland Spears Fellow in GI Cancer Research  

yjung2 at mdanderson dot org

Since his graduate student life at the Pusan National University, Youn-Sang has studied on the cellular and molecular mechanisms of aging and tumorigenesis in several tissues. After the Ph.D. course, he began to develop his expertise in cytoskeleton dynamics and tumorigenesis by developing and using genetically engineered mouse models at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center. His short-term goal is to identify the molecular mechanism and therapeutic target(s) of deregulated cytoskeleton dynamics-induced mucinous carcinoma. Based on his expertise in aging and cancer biology, his long-term goal is to study the roles of metabolism and DNA repair in stem cell aging and cancer.

Moon-Jong Kim, PhD 

MKim at mdanderson dot org

I am interested in (1) cancer and (2) cancer treatment. During Ph.D. training, I studied tumorigenesis using Drosophila melanogaster as a genetic model system. Now I switch the gear to mouse genetics and am happily exploring the molecular and cellular mechanisms of cancers. My current research mainly focuses on PAF oncogene-associated lung and colorectal cancer. My ultimate goal is to gain the insights into the fundamental mechanisms of cancer to ‘erase cancer’. Research interest: tissue stem cell activation, tissue regeneration, tumor-initiating cells, colorectal and lung cancer, mouse models.


Jae-Il Park, PhD

jaeil at mdanderson dot org

Jae-Il received BS and MS from Korea University in 2001 (Dr. Sung-Gil Chi lab). Then, he completed Ph.D. training (2002~2006) under the guidance of Dr. Pierre D. McCrea with a research interest in Wnt signaling. After postdoctoral training at Stanford University School of Medicine (Dr. Steven E. Artandi) (2006~2010), Jae-Il joined MD Anderson Cancer Center as Assistant Professor in 2010 and got tenured/promoted to Associate Professor in 2016.

     His research program is to unveil how stem cells contribute to various physiologic and pathologic conditions including tissue homeostasis, regeneration, and tumorigenesis, which may lead to developing disease modeling systems and therapeutic applications in regenerative medicine and cancer.

     Hobby: listening and playing 80, 90 rocks. Zodiac: Libra

Jie Zhang, MD   

JZhang27 at mdanderson dot org

Jie graduated from medical college in China. He got the master's degree in human anatomy and histo-embryology. He has been a Lecturer in human anatomy and histology for ten years. In addition to teaching, he studied on tumor immunology. After that, he joined MD Anderson Cancer Center as a histologist in the Department of Pathology and Experimental Radiation Oncology. Research area: histopathology.


Christopher Cervantes, BS (UT-Southwestern)

Biyun Zheng, MD, PhD (Fujian Medical University Union Hospital) 

Alaa Mohamed Tamim (MD Anderson)

Hae-Yun Jung, PhD (UCSD)

Han-Cheon Kim, PhD

Moonsup Lee, PhD (NIH-NCI)

Sunhye Lee, PhD (USC)

Sung-Ho Lee, PhD

Esther M. Lien

Brittney Lozzi

Christopher Ng (UTMB)

Youngsun Oh

In Young Park

Joan Shang (MD/PhD candidate, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai)

Amrish Sharma

Andrea M. Schneider (Penn State)

Isuru Somawardana (Rice)

Hanna Suh, DVM, PhD (Korea Institute of Toxicology)

Xin Wang, PhD (MD Anderson)

Jung-In Yang, MD (Albert Einstein)


    Visiting Faculty      

Seung-Hyo Lee, Associate Professor (KAIST)

Bum-Joon Park, Professor (Busan University)