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Organoids also called 'mini-organs' mimic the physiologic and pathologic events such as tissue homeostasis, regeneration,  and tumorigenesis. 


We have been collecting stem and progenitor cells from the normal tissues and growing them in three- and two-dimensional culture dishes to establish the various organoids of the intestine, esophagus, stomach, and pancreas. With additional genetic manipulation using CRISPR and Cre-loxP systems, we are in the study of what controls tissue regeneration and how the normal cells become tumor/cancer cells.  

Esophagus organoids

Esophagus organoids (by Biyun Zheng)

Stomach organoids Screen Shot 2018-10-20

Stomach organoids (by Biyun Zheng)

Pancreatic organoid growth in the defined media (by SungHo Lee)

Lung organoids

(by MoonJong Kim)

Intestinal crypt organoids

(by YounSang Jung)

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