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Mouse Genetics

Mouse drawing

Genetically Engineered Mouse Models (GEMMs)

To date, we have generated several GEMMs including knock-in, knock-out (germline and conditional), transgenic (doxycycline-inducible). To establish GEMMs, we have employed the following technologies; conventional targeting (targeting vector construction, mouse embryonic stem cell targeting and injection), pronuclear injection, and CRISPR gene editing. 


  • Knock-out: Genetic deletion of genes/alleles to understand the roles of genes of interest in specific pathophysiologic events. 

  • Knock-in: Inserting extra coding sequences under specific promoters to genetically label, manipulate, delete, or monitor cells or genes of interest. 

  • Inducible system: Using a doxycycline-inducible system, we conditionally induce the expression of genes of interest. 

  • Genetic recombination: We utilize Cre-LoxP, FRT-FLP, and CRISPR gene recombination/editing. 

  • Lineage-tracing: Using knock-in mouse strain, we genetically and permanently label specific cells of interest and trace them and their progeny in vivo. 

  • Cell ablation: To understand the roles of cells of interest, we remove such cells using DTA (diphtheria toxin A) and analyze their impacts on tissue regeneration or cancer. 




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